Permanent Makeup

Wake up every morning with flawless makeup with one of our permanent makeup services and our other cosmetic services. While our estheticians are experts in microblading, we offer more than that! We also offer needleless dermal filler and lip blush. Easily get the look you want at one of the All Dolled Up Beauty Bar locations. Whether you would rather go to our Lewiston or West Seneca, NY, location, we'll help you get the look you want.


About Our Services

One of our most popular services is microblading. Whether you need an annual microblading touchup or are just getting the procedure for the first time, All Dolled Up Beauty Bar is the place to go. Akin to an eyebrow tattoo, microblading will give your eyebrows the look of well-shaped, filled in eyebrows. This is done by shading them in.

We also offer several permanent makeup procedures around the lips. Our lip blush service will add a blush or tint to your lips. This sheer layer of color will give your lips a subtle, just-bitten sort of look, leaving you looking flushed in a flattering way. Best for people with a high pain tolerance, you won't need to apply another layer of lipstick for a while. Our lip blush will last for around a year.

Finally, we offer dermal filler - no needle required. This minimally invasive procedure will leave you with plumper lips. The filler will also help to smooth out wrinkles, enhance shallow contours and improve the appearance of scars. Our dermal filler procedure is an easy way to improve something you're feeling insecure about and help improve your confidence in how you look.